The Mission Objective

I believe that every organisation, every group, even every blog should begin with a clear objective in mind.

This way, before I hit ‘publish’ on a new piece of content I can check the content against this single objective.

For example, I could wonder:

  • “Is this post going to bring the site closer to its objective?”
  • “Does this post have enough information to achieve the objective?”

The mission objective of this site: to become the UK’s best choice for investing book reviews

Stating this objective clearly (and publicly), should hopefully reinforce this objective. It should sit behind everything I choose to do with the site, and I want to be held accountable to that vision.

The content which will feature on will include:

  • Book reviews for new investing titles
  • Book reviews & hindsight lookbacks of classic investing books
  • Rankings and shortlists of the best investing books
  • Reporting on the state of the UK investing book publishing industry, including its key players.
  • Interviews with successful investing book authors


Investing books are quite a small niche, so how did I get so closely involved in them? Where did my passion for investing books come from?

My first investing book was How to Read the Financial Pages by Michael Brett.

The book featured on the suggested reading list which accompanied my finance degree at a UK university. As it wasn’t mandatory, not many of my peers bothered to look into buying the title or grabbing it from the library.

In contrast, I jumped in and bought a copy from the campus branch of Waterstones for about £20.

I took this book with me while travelling on the train across the UK, and found myself getting more and more engrossed. This wasn’t just a guide to jargon, I was experiencing the joy and excitement of having my eyes opened to a world I previously new nothing about.

The Journal of Extension defines empowerment as ‘a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives.’

This is the perfect phrase to sum up what was happening in the grey matter between my ears as I flicked by way through that book.

Mission objective
Investing books have played a huge role in my financial education

I was learning a language, I was understanding mechanics – I was forming dreams.

Those financial dreams have stayed with me in the 15 years since. How to Read the Financial Pages initially gave way to more generic personal development titles such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, and Think and GROW Rich by Napoleon Hill.

These books sparked a motivation and a visionary aspect to my financial plan, but I always needed to turn to finance texts to grasp the nuts and bolts.

I quickly decided that I wasn’t going to be able to ‘hope’ or ‘wish’ a vast wealth into existence. I needed to generate returns, and I need to first save that money in the first place.

15 years later, I’m the proud owner of an investment portfolio (of undisclosed value – this isn’t that kind of blog). I still live and breath investing and finance topics, and wanted to build a new outlet for that passion.

That’s why I created I hope my story has sparked some interest in the blog. I hope you get plenty of excellent recommendations for your own reading out of the many posts on here.